November 25, 2016

My Passion Towards Music and K-Pop Industry

I can't clearly remember when I was so into, so fanatic, so totally obsessed with Korean pop music and its industry. You see, Korean pop music is sometimes just the same with the other pop music but to note here is the songs composed got their own impact to listener, plus the lyrics are perfect in rhythm.

The songs composed with different genres and its usually in pop, dancepop, electropop, electronic, EDM, bubblegum, rap, hip-hop, ballad, house etc. For me, I always prefer pops as they suited me well. Before, I really, totally obsessed with pop music, no matter where the songs came from. But now, as I listened to the one from South Korea, I found that my lifetime searching for perfect pop music is from Korea! I listen to songs not based on their lyrics but how the songs got composed, how perfect they blended together. So, I won't mind of understanding the lyrics. 

And when listening to K-Pop songs, I'll always preferring songs from girl groups than boy groups. But I listen to like almost everything. Look. Because of their music! Goodness! Damn perfect. Here I'd follow Girls Generation since early of 2008 with their debut song Into The New World. It was gooood! I haven't noticed this girls before until my brother came home and asked me to watch this one video of their concert performing Into The New World. Since then, I really stan this group in particular until I turned into a SONE (Girls' Generation fanclub). Well, I do really support their musics like seriously and I support each one of them. You know when one of the members Jessica leaved the group, I was so in shocked and sad at the same time. But anyway, seeing their success nowadays including Jessica when she is soloing really make me proud. They are truly the Queen of K-Pop. Oh yes. Forgot to tell you my ultimate bias in Girls' Generation is Kim Hyoyeon. I really love the idol who can sing, be cute at the same time and sometimes being bold, dance perfectly and rap. Yes. That's truly an eargasm!
Girls' Generation. Left to right: Seohyun, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung.

Next, I really fall in love with this Queen of EDM, Girls' Generation junior, a girl group called f(x)! Their musics, their songs in every albums released are perfect and all-kill! Well, I was late to the party before as I knew f(x) later in 2013, truly stan in late 2014 and Sulli was about to leave the group. I knew them before but never heard their musics. Gosh. I should be listening to them and keep supporting them earlier! And now, I am a part of MeU (f(x)'s fanclub). You know I really like EDM and pop music so much and f(x) brings them successfully! But anyhow, I was a little bit disappointed with how the artists are being managed. They are not being promoted well compared to Girls' Generation or even their new junior Red Velvet. I personally think they deserve more as nobody in South Korean pop music industry ever try or brave enough in singing EDM songs. Their vocals are good, their raps also good, their dances almost kill. What should've being asked for more? They are more than enough! And here my bias in f(x) is Krystal Jung! Yes she is beauty, she is the younger sister of Girls' Generation's Jessica and above all, she and I can be friend together because we're born on the same year. 94 BABIES! Anyhow, EXO's Kai would mad at me, don't you, Kai? Lol I'm just totally freaking kidding. I really like Kaistal relationship! Both them are cute together. 

f(x). Left to right: Sulli, Amber, Luna, Krystal, Victoria

Lastly, the one incredible, the only 4Minute! I really freaking fanatic with this particular girl group! 4Minute for me is literally my life LOL. But anyhow, I was also late to the party. Even later than I'd truly fanatic of f(x). Their first song that I've ever heard was What's Your Name? and followed by Whatcha Doin' Today. And after that, I'd totally crazy with their Crazy song! And as for that, I'd totally fall in love with this group like crazy! Their songs always killing at the beats and as always, I'll keep my head ready for banging whenever listening to their musics LOL. Since then I turned myself as 4NIA (4Minute's fanclub). And later in early 2016, they came with this Hate song. GOSH! I HATE YOU 4MINUTE! I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU! Well, the first half of 2016 was good until this fucking CUBE ENTERTAINMENT announced their disbandment in mid of June 2016. They debuted back then in 2009 on my birthdate which is June 18th and they disbanded just a few days before my birthdate in 2016. I was so fucking sad! I guess their disbandment really took me a whole year to consider their leaving from music industry and no more fucking songs from them in the future. Damn you, Cube Entertainment! Their songs really suit my taste of music well. Anyhow, my ultimate bias in this group is Nam Jihyun! Forever and ever I love Namji so much. She's innocent, her vocals so damn good, can really dances better than you think, always positive, mature personality, and a leader. 

4Minute. Left to right: Jiyoon, Sohyun, Hyuna, Gayoon, Jihyun

Alright I guess that's all about it. I do stans a lot, from girl groups and also boy groups. But above all, these 3 groups received my biggest fanatics!