February 14, 2011

A Week in South Korea

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I'll keep posting about South Korea, maybe, because I'll keep jealous with my sister as she had her precious time wasting in South Korea with her friends. And of course, I didn't get any chance, yet, to visit South Korea. Pity me.
And the most important thing, I have to keep studying for my final examination and will receive some souvenirs from her. Of course she'll bought me something to remind her precious time there.

I'm not jealous because she'll meet any K-Pop artistes or what, and of course it is not easy as we think. What make me jealous is because she got her time to play with snow and somewhat of ice or something. Yes, as we know, Malaysia don't have any of it. We only have the sun that shines daily with the hot breeze and some kind of that, but we really appreciate what we have.

Pictures below were stolen by me from her Facebook account. I'm sorry but I really love those pictures. Hope you have great time there.

메모리 내 동생 켓 코리아 :(

게시된 나미 섬 :) 

중요한 것은 어떻게 지냈어를 잊은에 얼굴을 ... 흥분과 일치

김치 ... 하하를 .. 좋은 만들지?

스키를 ... 행복하지 모르겠다 그냥 이야기 ..

딸기를 먹으 크기 kaklang .. 입안에 적합 한가?

진짜 사진이 그 뒤에 무엇입니까?
That's all from me. Sorry kaklang for stealing those pictures and upload here. Have a great time there. Really looking forward for those souvenirs from you.