February 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hi!

Happiness is delicious!!! | via Tumblr

Today, I have to do some 'services' by joining Football Tournament as one of the member of the first aid of Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah. The tournament was held at SMK Guar Perahu Indah early from 3.30 PM until 7.00 PM. Looks like tired, right? I even skipped my lunch!

For me, SMK Guar Perahu Indah is quite huge for me when comparing to SMK Bandar Baru PERDA. Yeah, tired of walking against the gravity just for searching it's praying room. I love this school because of it's beauty. That's why they called it Indah. I see.

But above all, back to the point of giving 'free services', I really didn't help much. I'm not so good in practicing and giving treatments to others. And to be ashamed of, I always depend on one of my friends of PBSM to help me doing this and that. I'm sorry, pal. 

But anyway, those experiences really teach me to get ready to any unexpected things that will happen in the future. I really love to served as one of the members of PBSM. And I always do.