March 30, 2011

Effective Learning Techniques

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Because of proud to hear that Madam Azizah claiming me to be the best motivator, so here, I've put/share some motivations for you!

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For those who have managed to excel, some study approach was adopted. Researchers studying techniques have also produced some effective learning approach. It is up to us as students to follow techniques are most appropriate and easiest to understand. To help the students here are a few techniques learned will be addressed.

5R-STUV Learning Technique
  1. Recopy                                 
  2. Rework all model 5 x              
  3. Recite out loud Repeatedly    
  4. Recheck                               
  5. Reasonableness                 
  1. Summarize        
  2. Test your self
  3. Use                
  4. Visualize        

Typology Learning Techniques
We have what is called the right brain and left brain. Left brain involving thought pattern 'academic' as words, numbers, scientific aptitude, mathematics, language the analysis and use of the right hand.

Right brain involves activities related rhythm, imagination, color, imagination, inspiration, patterns, dimensions and use of the left hand.

The question then arises whether we use both sides of the brain with wisdom . For example, do we always use our right brain to intoxicate or education or is it always used to intoxicate and imagine personal, fancies, resentment, envy, jealousy , black magic practices and feelings related to the subject.

If the right brain is not yet fully used to imagine the lesson, then the time has come to go through all the fantasy and imagination and synchronize it.

Visualization techniques to convergence. Concentrations of serious importance. Best desolate atmosphere is like at rest, while lying down before bed, while sitting alone peace of mind, while riding a bus or taxi, while at the bus station and others.

Take, for example be just lying down at bedtime. Room was dark > desolate condition. In this atmosphere, calm down. Begin to imagine the questions, the pictures, tables, graphs, and also what they learned. The shadow of it one by one. To strengthen the focus write, draw what the note on the mattress with your forefinger. Practice every night by questioning yourself, one to a question, the subjects to fall asleep until subjects. Repeat when awakened in the middle of the night. Eat it from day to day, week to week, month to month, starting from form 1 to form 6 . When this imaginary space with a healthy mind are positive, you will feel the results of this effort. For those of you who have not practicing yet, try to start from now on.
Mysteries Behind the Students with Time Management.

1. Time before bed - lying before bed time . Practice the techniques learned in the typology. Write or solve the problem by writing to use the index finger on top of the mattress .
2. The awakened at midnight ( Learn as #1 )
3. Wake up time. Dawn/morning. Try to remember the lessons from yesterday.4. The morning toilet (thought things forgotten)5. To the toilet at night (as No.4)6. The mirror (mirror should be attached with important notes)7. The breakfast (read a piece or two of the newspapers)8. Time to walk to school (ask yourself for tables and formulas)9. Time waiting for the bus ( do some revision with notes, cards or imagined)10. The time on the bus or train (quick daily refresher)11. Time to walk to school (ask yourself about tables, formulas and others)12. Time until the early morning to school (quick daily refresher)13. Waiting for the teachers who were late (quick refresher)14. Time-off (to the library to read simple notes)15. Time before returning to your home (return late to your home to do some homework)16. Time running back (ask yourself about the multiplication tables)17. Time in the bus (read notes or cards)18. Time of rest after eating (read novel or magazine)19. Time off after the dinner (read newspaper articles etc.)20. Time when watching TV (drawing diagrams, maps, formulas and others)

March 24, 2011

The Candidates

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

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Alhamdulillah. Congratulations to kakak-kakak and abang-abang of SPM 2010 who received their examination slips with flying colours today. You've gained our inspirations and motivations to keep studying for the upcoming examination, especially the one who get 9 As and 1B, Nur Shahirah.

We don't know what the future holds but at least we should study hard for better results. After saw those examination slip, I feel worried. Not because of the challenging questions that I'll face to, but worried of higher expectations from teachers and family. I hope they don't. Not to mention, I'm all weak in every Science subjects- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics - you named it. Seriously I start to feel the burden on my shoulder once the past candidates got their results with flying colours. 

May Allah eases everything. To me and my friends. 
Let's working hard! We gonna make it! 

March 19, 2011

Scrabble For You

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Today, I've joined CIMB Junior Scrabble Circuit (Penang) which was held in Penang State Library, Bandar Sunway Seberang Jaya with Rajeshwary and Zayani Azhari. Thanks to Madam Syahidah because of her car, we arrived safely at the location.


When talking about scrabble, the first thing that I've imagine was it was one of the simplest board game ever! Well, everyone can get higher marks with only building words. But it turned wrong. I'm wrong. I even didn't realize that most of the participants were too great in playing scrabble. And it likes turned out to be me who still freshie in playing this family game. To be ashamed of, I'd lose for several times starting from the first game.  

After wasting my time sitting on the chair, waiting to be the next loser, well, it is nice to hear some announcements regarding to lunch and break. Hell yeah! I'm the one who proudly leaved all those stupid boards and had my nasi goreng kampung bought by Madam Syahidah.

Finished with my lunch and prayed for Zuhr, and we turned out to be the latest who entered the hall-of-fame. As usual, I'll always be the loser once I sat on those chairs. Why it is always me?  But what make me proud of myself was I'd won for the last game of the day! Can't believe my eyes! 

Anyway, although I'd lose for several times, I think that scrabble is the most interesting game ever! It is nice to waste our time playing with scrabble with our friends. 

March 17, 2011

Flight Plan

Must read... Really interesting one!!!

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In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Ticket Type: One-way
Price: Absolutely free (booking confirmed)


Name: One of the Children of Adam
Origins: From clay
Address: Planet Earth


Departure: From life on earth

Destination: Eternal life

Stop-over: Hotel (2 meters under the ground, for one person)
Duration of flight: From couple of seconds to several millions of years


Time of death: Exact time is unknown (but it can happen earlier than expected)
Arrival time: On the Judgment Day (not specified in the timetable)


On the arrival to the hotel (grave): Incorruptible Auditors - two angels: Munkar & Nakir, will immediately start questioning.


1. Who is your GOD?
2. Who is your prophet?
3. What is your religion?

Questions will follow about your life on earth. For more information, refer to 27th Aya of Sura 'Ibrahim' of the Holy Quran.


1. Despite the fact that the air transfers only one passenger at  a time, there are some restrictions on the amount of baggage that you can take with you.
2. You can take with you 5 meters of white cloth.
3. Any items of material life of earth are strictly forbidden.
4. Realistic luggage should consist of good deeds, modest behavior and of well spent time on calling people to Islam.


All the passengers should remember that tickets are not exchangeable refundable. This journey is compulsory for representatives of all races, nationalities, religions and of all ages. Delays are not stipulated.


Angel of Death will not compromise on changing the date and time of departure.

Read instructions, which you can find in The Holy Qur'aan and Sunnah, could also consult Aalims (scholars). Please do it as soon as possible. During your journey you will not be provided with oxygen mask, as your breathing system will be terminated just before the 
departure time.

March 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hi!

Janell Shirtcliff's Coachalla Diary | NYLON MAGAZINE

Looks like it has been a long time since my last update. And looks like I'm busy. Was it?

 - So I see by watching TV make you busy
 - And by wasting time on social network make your life even busier. 

And suddenly my desktop made my life complicated.

 - Why you little stupid computer!
 - D'oh!

And not to mention, I have to take part in many competitions.

 - Azizi, you should have contribute your talent in this competition!.
 - Here too, Azizi!.
 - You have a perfect loud voice! You should take part in parliamentary-style debate!
 - You should acting as well!
 - OMG you are so handsome! Please sign in our Scrabble Competition!

Anyway, I've just received my Ujian Kemajuan 1 result and not to be shocked with, I got 8As and 2Bs! Alhamdulillah. But not to be really proud with. I still got my SPM. Hmm.

Before this, I've told you that my sister will bought me some souvenirs from South Korea, right? Well, I've said and it comes true!
  •  Black T-shirt with popular Korean animation
  •  Key-Chain 
  •  Seaweeds
  •  Korean coins
  •  Brochure on Best Place To Visit in South Korea (really annoying, right?)
  •  Pictures that have been captured in order to make me more jealous
That's all from me.