March 19, 2011

Scrabble For You

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Today, I've joined CIMB Junior Scrabble Circuit (Penang) which was held in Penang State Library, Bandar Sunway Seberang Jaya with Rajeshwary and Zayani Azhari. Thanks to Madam Syahidah because of her car, we arrived safely at the location.


When talking about scrabble, the first thing that I've imagine was it was one of the simplest board game ever! Well, everyone can get higher marks with only building words. But it turned wrong. I'm wrong. I even didn't realize that most of the participants were too great in playing scrabble. And it likes turned out to be me who still freshie in playing this family game. To be ashamed of, I'd lose for several times starting from the first game.  

After wasting my time sitting on the chair, waiting to be the next loser, well, it is nice to hear some announcements regarding to lunch and break. Hell yeah! I'm the one who proudly leaved all those stupid boards and had my nasi goreng kampung bought by Madam Syahidah.

Finished with my lunch and prayed for Zuhr, and we turned out to be the latest who entered the hall-of-fame. As usual, I'll always be the loser once I sat on those chairs. Why it is always me?  But what make me proud of myself was I'd won for the last game of the day! Can't believe my eyes! 

Anyway, although I'd lose for several times, I think that scrabble is the most interesting game ever! It is nice to waste our time playing with scrabble with our friends.