May 08, 2011

Saya Sayang Mak Saya ~!~!

I'm waiting for my mak. Hurm, 7. 20 p.m. Owh, maybe she is travelling back to this Pearl of the Orient. Mak, I just want to say Happy Mother's Day lah. :) Anyway, I'm waiting for your keropok lekor, T-shirts, and whatever from Kelantan. I will stay up this night cause I'm waiting you, mak. I will get you at the front of STO Cafe. Hurm. 

I have decided that I wanted to make some cakes for your special day, but sorry mak, I totally forgot about t. OK. I have plan B anyway. I just want to hug you and kiss your cheek because I have you. For me, you are too beautiful enough. You're anything for me, and I'm your son. Just thanks to Allah and you for give me a chance to survive on this extremely 'little world'. 

Without you, I maybe doesn't have any truth one, or maybe bad one. Hehe. The real thing is, I have you, and therefore, I love you. I'm your son, your weak son, your weak child. Please lead me to the light. Lead me to the truth of life. I want the pure one. Pure Islam. I'm totally low in Iman. I feel that I'm totally hollow. There's something running in my mind. I'm just thinking, am I munafik ? Am I ? Mak, help me ! I'm feel sad about it. Lead me to the basic. 

Anyway, mak, Mother's Day just a special day. But I have you all days, months and years. For me, you are totally mean to me. Mean for everything. So I never said I will make you happy if Mother's Day just turn on. That's totally weird + wicked one. That's not what Islam had told us. 

For this special day, just want to say : 

thanks for everything :')