December 27, 2011

Loving Allah Is The Greatest One


 Hebat tak tajuk ?  Ahah. Mesti la hebat.
Arini GG just nak share dengan korang tentang cinta dari sudut pandangan Islam. 
Lazim sekali, kalau pasal cinta je, mesti ada yang tergambar Valentine Day and so on. Apakah. Tue Kristian ! Dok menyambut Valentine Day buat hape. Siap ada baby bersayap terbang sambil pegang burrow segala. Apakah. =.=

Sharing is caring. Just baca dan hayati apa yang GG akan letakkan kat bawah ni. Petikan berlandaskan Islam.

Love is one of the most subtle blessings that the Most Merciful One has bestowed upon humanity. It exists in everyone as a seed. This seed germinates under favorable circumstances and, growing like a tree, blossoms into a flower, and finally ripens, like a fruit, to unite the beginning with the end.
Love is a natural and essential aspect of our being. But when it is transformed into "true love"-love of the Creator-it acquires its true nature and color, and later becomes "pure" pleasure at the threshold of union. 

 Neither the "flames" of the world nor the fire of Hell can "burn" those who already have been "burnt to ashes" by love. Those who burn with the fear of Hellfire while in this world will not go to Hell. The final abode of those who feel secure against Hellfire will most probably be Hell. Those who burn here in the flames of love and suffer Hell on earth by struggling against their carnal selves and the world will most certainly not be subjected again to the same suffering in the Hereafter.
Seeing the beloved's traces in the blowing wind, the falling rain, the murmuring stream, the humming forest, the dawning morning and the darkening night, the lover comes alive. Seeing the beloved's beauty reflected in everything around him or her, the lover becomes exuberant. Feeling the beloved's breath in every breeze, the lover becomes joyful. Feeling the beloved's occasional reproaches, the lover moans in sorrow. 
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