August 23, 2012

Special Post for HER

I'm not throwing you away like you said in your blog last night. And of course, I will not forgetting you. I've said I will find you in the future and we become so-related relation. InsyaAllah, if we are meant to be together. 
The main and the only purpose I said about this last night is because I want to delay our relation because I want you to become my mate in the future, so that we can stay and live happily ever after.  Like what our old folks said, relation in the early age doesn't live longer when the couple get married. Therefore, I want you to know that I am determined to make you complement my life in the future. I will pray that Allah has set us both together to live together.         
In addition, our actions by replying SMS, tweets and others make me feel guilty because I was disturbing the life of a daughter of their parents. As you know, I quickly feel guilty to this and this. If you can identify this verse last night, "ayat bunga", you will know what I'm trying to get across today through the SMS I sent earlier. Last night, I was quite shy to send the thing, because I would be worried if the controversy raised up. But now it is getting worse, not like what I had expected. It is my fault that I always ashamed of the things that are not supposed to be ashamed of.   
Other messages which I send to you actually run away from my original intention. I want to apologize on the matter. Once I want to send the original message, the ideas come and leaving the right idea so after I received the latest message from you. You might think I just want to give reasons for one, but this is the truth reason. It's up to you whether to believe it or not.     Dear QA, please understand on what I'm trying to say about. Maybe it's just texts and hey, there's are letter in it :'( they all come from my little heart where Allah had give me once I'm a fetus. There are no replacement after you. It's okay if you don't want to forgive me, but you said our BFF will still last longer, right ?    
Why I'm deleting my FB ? Just I said to you before, it's because I'm afraid of Jewish influence. I've said it before, and now its really happen. Why I'm not deactivate my Twitter ? Because I want to continue reading about your update about me.   
DAMN ME ITS ALL MY FAULT ! Dear Allah, I hope you can take my life earlier and let me stay safely inside your Earth, beside my late father. Why should I stay on your Earth if I can respect others ? I'm too bad to be one's khalifa, and I wonder, why should I get the chance to be a human being, as human being is too perfect where I can't to cope with.  
Thanks Allah for everything. Alhamdulillah. I really love you and I hope I can back to you in this short time. So then everyone happy.   
احلم معايا.. ببكره جاي
ولو ماجاش.. إحنا نجيبه بنفسنا
نبدأ نحاول في الطريق
كتر الخطاوي تدلنا على حلمنا
مهما نقع نقدر نقوم
نشق نتحدى الغيوم
نلاقي ليلنا ألف يوم
بس إحنا نحلم
احلم معايا يا صديق
تطوي الخطى أرض الطريق
يهمني حلمي البريء
مهما يكون
يفضل بروحه جنبنا
مها يطول بينا الطريق
لو حتى تُهنا يا صديق
يرجع لُقانا يضمنا
على حلمنا
بس إحنا نحلم
#Typing with this annoying tears.