December 30, 2013

Diet Untuk Pelajar Kolej


Pelajar kebiasaannya tidak mempunyai masa yang mencukupi untuk makan secara teratur di sebabkan tugasan yang diberikan oleh pensyarah dan juga aktiviti seharian. Ini boleh mengakibatkan badan merasa letih dan lesu. Ini juga boleh mendatangkan pelbagai penyakit yang tidak di ingini. Bagaimana cara untuk kekal aktif di samping mengekalkan cara pemakanan sihat?

Sarapan sangat penting
JANGAN tinggal sarapan. Ianya penting untuk memulakan aktiviti anda seharian. Tinggalkan sarapan akan mendorong kepada kenaikan berat badan. Anda juga tidak dapat fokus di dalam kelas di sebabkan lapar. Semangkuk bijirin ataupun yogurt pun sudah mencukupi untuk menghadapi hari dengan sihat.

Minum air kosong
Air sangat penting untuk pelajar dan juga untuk semua. Ramai yang lupa untuk minum air. Kebanyakan pelajar suka membeli air berkarbonat di kafe dan sebagainya. Bawalah air kosong kemana sahaja anda pergi.

Makan mengikut masa
Makan seharusnya jangan di tinggalkan. Makan mengikut masa akan mengurangkan kadar pengambilan yang terlalu banyak pada waktu makan berikutnya. Makan dalam 5 kali sehari sangat bagus untuk pemakanan sihat.

Makan makanan yang sihat
Pelajar selalunya tidak mempunyai masa dan suka sesuatu yang cepat. Makanan dari jenis makanan segera seperti McDonald's dan KFC selalu menjadi pilihan. Ianya boleh di makan tapi bukan untuk dalam jarak masa yang terlalu dekat. Tak salah jika untuk sekali sekala. Makanlah mengikut piramid makanan. Buah buahan dan sayuran sangat penting dalam pemakanan.

Bawa snek yang berkhasiat
Disebabkan kekangan masa dalam kalangan pelajar, bawalah makanan di dalam beg anda untuk kekal cergas. Bawalah buah seperti epal dan pear untuk di makan sebelum bermula kelas. Buah buahan kering dan juga bar tenaga juga boleh di bawa dan di simpan seharian.

December 28, 2013

Mental Breakdown

Random Awesome Blog

It's been a week! I'm studying Organic Chemistry 1 for a week!

You know the feeling when you have to remember all the reactions and synthesis available for each of the so-called organic things. I've been studying all night long for everyday, but still can't remember a thing. Everything. 

Die. Die. Die. 

But anyway, pray for my success, as well as my friends'. We're future biochemists.

November 24, 2013


When my mother was pregnant with me, she slept sitting down
This was because of my kicking- I was a trouble maker since I was in my mom’s womb
In middle school, I punched the class president and put a hole in his face
My mother knelt before me and cried in front of me all night
So after that point, I don’t fight anymore
Afraid that I’d become a gangster, she always told me not to get into fights before I left the house
I wondered what I would be when I grew up-
I was afraid that like a mouse cursor, I wouldn’t be able to go out to the big world
But I still dreamt- and at a late age of 26, I was determined
Told myself that the wanderings and poverty of youth were things that anyone went through
I comforted myself in this way and every night for my dreams, I wrote words

This life that I lived
This life that I will live
My unchanging life song song song

Repetitions of ups and downs
Repetitions of joy and sadness
Repetitions of love and separation
My life turns and turns (x2)

It was more successful than I thought, Leessang’s first album
Like a wandering gypsy, I saw a light for this exhausted life
An unbelieveable love had come to me
The love song that I could sing for her- “LeeSsang Blues” *
It was the most beautiful song I wrote after I started to write
But eventually, her wedding dress was not for me
Of course, my faults were big but it was so hard- I drowned myself in alcohol that night
The wanderings and poverty of youth were things that anyone went through
I comforted myself like this but pain found me
Cheated off the money I made from evil and like a cherry blossom, I bloomed and withered
And with bare hands I rowed

This life that I lived
This life that I will live
My unchanging life song song song

Repetitions of ups and downs
Repetitions of joy and sadness
Repetitions of love and separation
My life turns and turns (x2)

This lately started broadcasting life was getting more and more fun
Though I didn’t make much money
All the scars I got from people, I tie back to people
From Yoo Jae Suk, who tries until it’s successful, I learned diligence
I wake myself up again- The music that made me lazy is getting so fun
Every single day, my mind is awake
Just like my manager, Director Choi, who ran to me every day when I said I’d quit music
I am a racer who is running again
The wanderings and poverty of youth were things that anyone went through
I comforted myself like this- because I went through all that, I won’t be broken
I chew pain like gum- the dark night raises me up again, I raise myself up

Repetitions of ups and downs
Repetitions of joy and sadness
Repetitions of love and separation
My life turns and turns (x2)

Leessang and Baek Ji Young - Asura Balbalta

Busan Vacance 

Let’s Go~ !!
Everybody come to Haeundae !! (Oh, Oh)
Everybody come to Gwanganri !! (Oh, Oh)
Everybody come to Dongbaekseom !! (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh)
Busan Vacance !!

Everybody come to Nampodong !! (Oh, Oh)
Everybody come to Jagalchisijang !! (Oh, Oh)
Oh, We rocking with the agassi !!
Oh, we rock !! Oh, we rock !! Rock !!
Busan Vacance !! 

Skull and Haha - Ya Man

October 31, 2013

Don't Be Sad

In this world, you will never truly be happy, no matter what Allah SWT gives you. You will never be truly content. This place is designed to break your heart. It was designed that way. If you're looking to be happy in the Dunya, you're in the wrong place. How could you feel worthless my dear brothers, sisters? You're not servant of Al Laat or Al Uzza Or Eesa or Krishna or Ganesh, you're not the servant of fashion or money or fame or beauty or power or position, you are the slave of Allah. Allah has chosen you from amongst of billions of human beings, Allah chose you and blessed you with Islam. 

Everything has been decreed the most difficult pill that the Muslim swallow is Article Number Six Of Our Deen, The Qadr Of Allah. We don't want to admit it. We forget the power of Allah. We forget the presence of Allah. We forget that we came from a clot and we were nothing. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah SAW had to correct everything because we weren't doing anything right, and we get so afraid because we forget, we fear and we forget that Allah is in control, surely we shall test each and every single one of you, with a loss of wealth, with a loss of life, with a loss of profit and trade so give glad tiding to those who are patient. Those when they are tested, they say: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. Upon those people are the blessing and prayers of Allah SWT and those are the ones who are truly guided. So if you have Allah you have everything you desire. If you don't have Allah, nothing you desire will make you happy. Nothing. It will all and then bring you misery.

October 29, 2013

Archaeologists Pull 5 Of Blackbeard's Cannons From The Sea

A research team recovered the big guns from a 300-year-old pirate wreck off the coast of North Carolina.

One Of Blackbeard's Cannons Recovered Today

Until today, this cannon hadn't seen air for 295 years.

North Carolina Department Of Cultural Resources

In 1718, legendary Caribbean pirate Blackbeard sank his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, after it got stuck on too-shallow land outside the coastal city of Beaufort, N.C. For almost three centuries, the ship's hodgepodge of cannons from around the world has sat at the bottom of the sea. Today several of Blackbeard's big guns rose to the surface in the largest cannon catch yet from the site.

Led by North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, today's cannon recovery is the latest development in an archeological endeavor scheduled to conclude in 2014. The wreck, recorded at least as early as July 12th, 1718, was discovered on the ocean floor in 1996. Since then, archeologists have recovered tens of thousands of artifacts. A museum dedicated to the wreck offers this fun interactive map of the ship on the ocean floor.
In a statement released before today's expedition, project director Billy Ray Morris said: 
We think the largest of the four cannons may be of Swedish origin since the only other recovered gun this size was made in Sweden. We also hope to recover two large concretions each the size of a twin bed. They may contain barrel hoops, cannon balls and other treasures. 
Four of the cast-iron guns recovered today weigh 2,000 pounds each. They likely fired 6-pound cannonballs that could soar about 2 miles. A fifth cannon weighed 3,000 pounds. Today's haul brings the total of number cannons recovered from the site to 20.
All this firepower allowed Blackbeard to blockade the port of Charleston, S.C., for almost a week in 1718. His audacity probably got the better of him, and six months later, without the Queen Anne's Revenge or her mighty cannons, his sloop Adventure was cornered by a joint expedition from the colonies of North Carolina and Virginia. In fierce fighting atop the Adventure's deck, Blackbeard was slain and his head severed so that the crew who killed him could claim a bounty. Below is a painting of Blackbeard's last, fatal fight, euphemistically titled "Capture of the Pirate, Blackbeard, 1718."

Capture of the Pirate, Blackbeard, 1718

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

October 27, 2013

Nothing Here But Love


Lying under setting sun
The day is done, my heart is won
We hold each other, friends or lovers
High above, there's nothing here
But you and me, we'll never end
We're innocent, we're heaven-sent
We're born together, dying together
Live forever, there's nothing here but…

Love, sweet love
It's all we know, so can I show you
Love, sweet love
Take time to grow, there's nothing here but love

Take me where the days are fun
Where everyone knows everyone
We'll love together, live together
We will never be let down
Oh you will see it's meant to be
We're living life, we're wild and free
We're falling under, right from under
Oh my darling there's nothing here but…

Love, sweet love
It's all we know, so can I show you
Love, sweet love
Take time to grow, there's nothing here but love

Can you whisper into my ear
The words that I love to hear?

Love, sweet love
It's all we know, so can I show you
Love, sweet love
Take time to grow, there's nothing here but…
Love, sweet love
It's all we know, so can I show you
Love, my love
Take time to grow, there's nothing here but love

There's nothing here but love, love


10 Absolutely Worst Foods to Eat by Maria Trimarchi

My drug | via Tumblr 

An average healthy adult eating a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet should aim for 45 to 65 percent of those calories to come from carbohydrates, preferably unrefined (and remember, carbs include all the sugar you eat, not just bread and pasta). You also want no more than 66 grams of fat (including less than 20 grams of saturated fat) and no more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day.

If your daily diet is full of junk foods such as fried foods, processed deli meats and soda, you have an increased risk of some major health conditions -- and if you eat these kinds of foods six days a week, you increase your risk of stroke by 41 percent compared to if you only indulged in them once a month.

Following nutrition guidelines and eating healthy foods does make a difference. People who eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day live longer than people who don't. But even if you'd rather have a slice of apple pie than an apple, you can make healthier choices, at least avoiding the foods you know absolutely aren't good for you.

1. Soda

Cute soda cans

Drinking soda is like drinking liquid candy. Seriously. Sodas are sugary calorie bombs that have contributed to the obesity epidemic in our country -- and our soda habit has also been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, premature aging and hormone disruption.

Most sodas contain high fructose corn syrup (which is where all the calories come from), food dyes, preservatives and other sketchy ingredients. And your soda habit isn't just making you fat; it's also linked to cavities and tooth decay. Some sodas also contain an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil (BVO); BVO is supposed to keep the artificial flavors and the rest of your soda from separating -- and it also keeps plastics flame retardant and is linked to memory loss, nerve disorders and skin conditions. Diet soda drinkers also need to worry about the impact of artificial sweeteners on their health, which we'll go into detail on next.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Wuornos Neeson | via Tumblr

There are five artificial sweeteners, also called non-nutritive sweeteners, that the FDA considers safe for humans to eat: acesulfame potassium (acesulfame K), aspartame, neotame, saccharin and sucralose. Some sugar substitutes may leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, literally, but that's not the only thing bad about them. While we love our artificial sweeteners because they're zero or low-calorie, we really don't know how bad they are for us. There have been some confusing claims over the last few decades, but at the end of the day, these sugar-free sweeteners may be significantly increasing your risk of health problems such as weight gain as well as metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

3. Shelf-stable Condiments

Shelf-stable condiments sure do make life a little easier -- we won't argue that. We're talking about those condiments that are kept at room temperature -- single-serving packets or tubes of dips, self-serve pumps of your favorite sauce, bottles of ketchup and other sauces and salad dressings that sit out on the table at your local diner, and even those little prepackaged creamers for your coffee. Convenient, yes, but at what price?

There's a reason these foods can skip the refrigeration, and it's not because they're dried or fermented as shelf-stable foods of the past were; these condiments have been engineered not to deteriorate -- and that means preservatives and additives such as food coloring, sweeteners, salt, bad fats (such as trans fats, which are linked to premature heart disease) and chemical agents such as dimethylpolysiloxane for texture. (That example, dimethylpolysiloxane, is used as an anti-foaming agent in ketchup and many processed and fast foods -- think about that: Should ketchup foam?) Any fiber, good fats and nutrients are stripped out in the process.

4. Swordfish -- and Some Tuna

Most fish and shellfish can be part of a healthy diet. They're packed full of protein and are good sources of fats (they're low in saturated fat and full of omega-3 fatty acids). Most also contain mercury, at least some amount, and some fish contain more than others. Swordfish, for example, is one of those mercury-dense varieties (also included on this fishy list are king mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, shark, and tilefish). Albacore tuna, too, contains more mercury than canned light tuna, so choose wisely.

High levels of mercury in the fish we eat may harm the developing brain and nervous system of a fetus or young child because mercury is a neurotoxin, and because of this the FDA and EPA recommend against eating these fish, especially if you're pregnant, may become pregnant or are a nursing mother -- and kids need to avoid it, too.

5. Processed Meat

According to researchers, eating processed meats will lead to your early death. Processed meat -- that includes bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausages, salami and whatever meat bits are used in ready-to-eat deli meats -- has been found to increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases as well as certain cancers. In fact, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who regularly eat 50 grams (about 2 ounces) of processed meat -- that equals one hot dog or 1-2 slices of luncheon meats on a sandwich -- have a 42 percent greater risk of heart disease as well as a nearly 20 percent risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than people who don't eat them. Additionally, researchers at the University of Zurich concluded that more than 3 percent of deaths could be prevented if we all limit our processed meat consumption to less than 20 grams per day (just about three-quarters of an ounce), which is about the size of a matchbook -- and only on a special occasion.

While processed meats are comparable to unprocessed meats when it comes to saturated fat and cholesterol, processed meats contain a lot more sodium -- 4 times more -- and also contain 50 percent more nitrate preservatives.

6. Microwave Popcorn


Movie-theater popcorn may be bad for you because of the oils it's popped in and the butter on top, but at least making it doesn't cause "popcorn lung" -- don't laugh, that's a real disease. It's also known as bronchiolitis obliterans.

Butter-flavored microwave popcorn doesn't really get its flavor from butter; it gets it from chemicals and flavoring agents. Diacetyl is what most people will point a finger at when they talk about how the health risks of microwave popcorn. Diacetyl is a butter-flavoring agent used in microwave popcorn -- by the end of the 2000s, some manufacturers banned its use in popcorn bags because of its respiratory risks (and, separately, a link to Alzheimer's disease), but you'll also find it giving a buttery flavor and smell to baked goods, candy and margarine.

Additional concern with microwave popcorn is what's in the bag -- aside from the popcorn. Without all the added chemicals, the popcorn would be an OK snack (high in carbs but low in fat – and a whole grain), but there are many chemicals coating the inside of the bag to keep the oils needed for popping from soaking through the paper, as well as chemicals to keep the bag from catching fire during the popping process. These chemicals also produce perfluorooctinoic acid (PFOA), which the EPA considers a likely carcinogen. Somehow, microwave popcorn doesn't smell so good anymore.

Want to DIY your microwave popcorn and skip the chemicals? Toss popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag, double fold the top of the bag, and pop as you would the processed stuff. You can also use a microwave-safe bowl with a plate on top to keep kernels contained as they pop.

7. Bagels

Pinkcupcakekitty | just do it | via Tumblr on We Heart It -...

Your average bagel is going to cost you about 350 calories, and that's before you add any toppings. But bagels are bad for you beyond their caloric content (and what that will do to your waistline) -- most of them are made with refined white flour, which means all the good vitamins, minerals and fiber have been processed out of them. Refined white-flour foods are linked to weight gain, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. And not only do they lead to weight gain, they also make it more difficult to lose weight, too.

Not all bagels are this bad for you; choose one made with 100 percent whole grains, choose a smaller, mini bagel or try this trick: If you scoop out some of the soft bready interior from the inside of the bagel, you could save as many as 100 calories
8. Stick Margarine

If your buttery spread can stand on its own, it's the fats that are making that happen -- specifically, its saturated fats. Saturated fats are more solid than, for example, a monounsaturated fat such as olive oil, and these fats are bad for you because they expand your waistline, raise your bad cholesterol levels (while lowering levels of good cholesterol), raise your risk of heart disease and raise your risk of suffering a stroke.

Stick margarine used to contain trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils, and some brands still do (always read the ingredient label); trans fats are considered one of the worst -- if not the worst -- fats for you to eat.

9. Dairy

Whole-milk dairy products are packed full of saturated fats, which if you're keeping score are "bad" fats that are associated with high cholesterol levels (increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke) and chronic inflammation in your body. You could switch to non-fat milk, but even then with most milk products you're still not escaping a few other unhealthy things -- namely, recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST, or bovine growth hormone). Bovine growth hormone is a genetically engineered synthetic hormone given to cows to boost their milk production, and it's controversial because it may introduce health risks not only to the cows but to humans consuming these dairy products.

Additionally, in some studies, dairy has been linked to certain cancers, and increased pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis or migraines.

10. Anything Deep Fried


Deep-fried foods are the weakness of many; even First Lady Michelle Obama has confessed her love for french fries. One of the problems with eating deep-fat fried foods is that cooking foods at such high temperature may cause them to form toxic chemical compounds -- that we then eat. You see, too many french fries won't only increase your waistline (which they will); your side order is also linked to health problems such as stroke and an increased risk of certain cancers including breast, esophageal, head and neck, lung, pancreatic and prostate. Men, for example, who eat fried foods -- doughnuts, fried chicken, fried fish and/or french fries -- once or more per week increase their risk for prostate cancer as much as 30 to 37 percent.

High-temperature cooking, and especially deep frying, also causes foods to develop AGEs (short for advanced glycation endproducts), and AGEs have been linked to chronic inflammation and disease-triggering oxidative stress.

Why does the North Pole move? by Tracy V. Wilson

To The North Pole 

The Earth has several poles, not just two. It has geographic north and south poles, which are the points that mark the Earth's axis of rotation. It also has magnetic north and south poles, based on the planet's magnetic field. When you use a compass, it points to the magnetic north pole, not the geographic North Pole.

The Earth's magnetic poles move. The magnetic North Pole moves in loops of up to 50 miles (80 km) per day. But its actual location, an average of all these loops, is also moving at around 25 miles a year. In the last 150 years, the pole has wandered a total of about 685 miles (1102 kilometers). The magnetic South Pole moves in a similar fashion.

The poles can also switch places. Scientists can study when this has happened by examining rocks on the ocean floor that retain traces of the field, similar to a recording on a magnetic tape. The last time the poles switched was 780,000 years ago, and it's happened about 400 times in 330 million years. Each reversal takes a thousand years or so to complete, and it takes longer for the shift to take effect at the equator than at the poles. The field has weakened about 10% in the last 150 years. Some scientists think this is a sign of a flip in progress.

The Earth's physical structure is behind all this magnetic shifting. The planet's inner core is made of solid iron. Surrounding the inner core is a molten outer core. The next layer out, the mantle, is solid but malleable, like plastic. Finally, the layer we see every day is called the crust.

 The Earth's layers include the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.

The Earth itself spins on its axis. The inner core spins as well, and it spins at a different rate than the outer core. This creates a dynamo effect, or convections and currents within the core. This is what creates the Earth's magnetic field -- it's like a giant electromagnet.

Exactly how the dynamo effect changes the field isn't widely understood. Shifts in the core's rate of spin and the currents within the molten material most likely affect the planet's field and the location of the poles. In other words, the poles move because the convection in the core changes. These changes might also cause the poles to switch places. Irregularities where the core and mantle meet and changes to the Earth's crust, like large earthquakes, can also change the magnetic field.

10 Tips From Happy People

Are you happy? It's a simple question, but with numerous variables underlying it. What makes someone happy? Is there more than one route to happiness and more than one way to measure it?

Just as definitions of happiness change, so too does our ability to handle adversity. Numerous tales exist of people undergoing tremendous hardships -- cancer, losing a job, a bad breakup -- and finding themselves in the end as happy as or happier than ever. Despite the difficulty in pinning down what happiness is and how to achieve it, we're going to take a stab at it in this article, in which we offer 10 key tips. We'll start with a few that might seem more obvious and then move on to some unusual recommendations for boosting happiness.

Below are some of the tips:
  1. Live in a happy place. 
  2. Solve problems.
  3. Simplify your life.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Accept emotions, positive or negative.
  6. Spend time in nature.
  7. Buy happiness (if possible).
  8. Meditate.
  9. Study positive psychology.
  10. Don't always be happy. 
 Are you happy now to know the tips given?

October 26, 2013

Top Of The World

Im Stronger Now.

Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in most every thing I see
Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Everything I want the world to be
Is now comin' true especially for me
And the reason is clear, it's because you are here
You're the nearest thing to Heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

Somethin' in the wind has learned my name
And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me

There is only one wish on my mind
When this day is through I hope that I will find
That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me
All I need will be mine if you are here

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

-The Carpenters-

Tutorial: Fun Way with Google Translate

Salam alaik. 

Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de

Bosan? Tak tahu nak buat apa di dunia maya ini? Mari kita belajar cara baru untuk mengatasi kebosanan yang melanda diri hehehe. 

1. Pergi ke Google Translate

2. Pilih penukaran terjemahan dari English ke German. 

3. Copy dan paste ayat berikut:
pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk
4. Bila sudah paste, sila klik listen button tersebut. (berbentuk speaker) 

5. Surprise! Beatbox yeah! Enjoy. 

When The Darkness Comes

Bosque Hipster 

Underneath the echoes
Buried in the shadows
There you were
Drawn into your mystery
I was just beginning
To see your ghost
But you must know

I'll be here waiting
Hoping, praying
That this light will guide you home
When you're feeling lost
I'll leave my love
Hidden in the sun
For when the darkness comes

Now the door is open
The world I knew is broken
There's no return
Now my heart is not scared
Just knowing that you're out there
Watching me
So believe

I'll be here waiting
Hoping, praying
That this light will guide you home
When you're feeling lost
I'll leave my love
Hidden in the sun
For when the darkness comes (x2)

Be here waiting
Hoping, praying
That this light will guide you home
When you're feeling lost
I'll leave my love
Hidden in the sun
For when the darkness comes
Hidden in the sun
For when the darkness comes

October 22, 2013

Made In Malaysia

Taming sari


Striped flag wrapped around my head
Blue, white, yellow and red
Live free like we always said Oh woah oh
Putrajaya born and raised
Work hard gonna make a name
Gettin' closer every day

And now my life is getting better
It's on, no matter what the weather
We're gonna celebrate together
All night long
And they say age is just a number
But we're not getting any younger
So let's celebrate together
All night long

Singing like woohooooo
Singing like woohooooo
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia
Its trueeeee
Baby its trueeeee
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia

Sabah, and back to Penang,
Sac town, down to M-I-A,
Bright lights in the SA
O woah oh
Shoutout to the kampung boys
Small towns time to raise your voice
Suburbs come on make some noise
O woah oh

And now my life is getting better
It's on not matter what the weather
We're gonna celebrate together
All night long

Singing like woohooooo
Singing like woohooooo
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia
Its trueeeee
Baby its trueeeee
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia

I pledge allegiance to the home of the brave
Batik, songkok, and congkak games
Fireworks outside on the August 31st
Raining night dinner, bring the hot coffee
From the cowboys riding in the paddy field
To the girls in the cities screaming TURN IT UP
Cause were M-A-D-E-I-N Malaysia

Singing like woohooooo
Singing like woohooooo
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia
Its trueeeee
Baby its trueeeee
Cause were made in, made in, made in, in Malaysia



22/10/12 - UKM Bangi. Lewat malam tadi, kami dapat berita ada sekelompok manusia sedang cuba merampas dan membuang manifesto calon-calon GMUKM yang digantung indah di tempat-tempat strategik. Apa yang tidak terduga oleh kami, mereka bawa 1 buah lori besar dan 1 buah hilux untuk mengisi rampasan manifesto-manifesto tersebut. Betapa zalimnya mereka, ingin merampas poster manifesto hasil titik peluh 4 kerat kami, sudahlah berjaga malam untuk menyiap dan mengantungkannya. Tidak tahu apa punca tindakan mereka kerana yang pasti poster kami berstatus sah dan halal kerana telah mendapat kelulusan dan cop dari Wisma Aman n JPPeL.

Oleh yang demikian, kami semua berpakat mengejar lori dan hilux tersebut bagi mengetahui siapakah dalang disebalik konspirasi ini. Rupanya mereka adalah pihak yang dihantar oleh JPPeL. Tapi kami musyikil, kenapa JPPeL tergamak merampas poster-poster kami sedangkan mereka sendiri yang meluluskannya?

Lalu kami bertanya kepada abang-abang macai tersebut,kenapa mereka tergamak melakukan perkara ini. Jawapan yang mudah, "Kami cuma menjalankan arahan dari En.Musa. Ingat, kami ada anak-anak dan isteri di rumah. Jadi kalau nak jawapan, boleh tanya En.Musa!" Allahu akhbar, jawapan yang sungguh merobek-robekkan hati kami. Apa lagi konspirasi yang En. Musa cuba mainkan di sini? Cukup-cukuplah mempermainkan kami mahasiswa. Kami mahu PRK yang telus!

Persoalannya, kami dah ikut peraturan. Poster-poster kami semua bercop dari Wisman Aman dan JPPel. Kedua, kalau ada penambahan peraturan baru kenapa kami tidak dimaklumkan awal? Seolah-olah sengaja nak mempermainkan usaha kami. Ketiga, rasional-lah kalau poster ada manifesto. Aspirasi Mahasiswa sudah lama berkempen sejak Minggu Mesra Pelajar lagi, jadi bagilah peluang pula untuk GMUKM berkempen secara adil.


#DariMahasiswa4Mahasiswa# #MOVINGFORWARD

October 20, 2013

Mendelian Genetics

Mendelian inheritance was initially derived from the work of Gregor Johann Mendel published in 1865 and 1866 which was re-discovered in 1900. It was initially very controversial. When Mendel's theories were integrated with the Chromosome Theory of Inheritance by Thomas Hunt Morgan in 1915, they became the core of classical genetics.

October 19, 2013

DNA Replication | MIT 7.01SC Fundamentals of Biology

DNA replication is the process of producing two identical copies from one original DNA molecule. This biological process occurs in all living organisms and is the basis for biological inheritance. DNA is composed of two strands and each strand of the original DNA molecule serves as template for the production of the complementary strand, a process referred to as semiconservative replication. Cellular proofreading and error-checking mechanisms ensure near perfect fidelity for DNA replication.

In a cell, DNA replication begins at specific locations, or origins of replication, in the genome. Unwinding of DNA at the origin and synthesis of new strands results in replication forks growing bidirectionally from the origin. A number of proteins are associated with the replication fork which assist in the initiation and continuation of DNA synthesis. Most prominently, DNA polymerase synthesizes the new DNA by adding complementary nucleotides to the template strand.

DNA replication can also be performed in vitro (artificially, outside a cell). DNA polymerases isolated from cells and artificial DNA primers can be used to initiate DNA synthesis at known sequences in a template DNA molecule. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a common laboratory technique, cyclically applies such artificial synthesis to amplify a specific target DNA fragment from a pool of DNA.

Disney Princesses Dress as Pop Culture Characters





October 18, 2013

Anti-Bullying Elementary School

This video is really something. I just watched this video while I'm sitting in my Personal Development class. Thanks to whom in charge making this perfect video that really feed our souls.

October 17, 2013



I am
Down the road and up the hill
I wait for you still
Wires 'round my fingers
Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Suspended and open

I am
Through the woods and past the trains
I wait here in vain
Scrubbing out the stains again
Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Suspended and open

In the night, the snow starts falling
And everybody stares
Through their windows at the streetlights
Too beautiful to see

I am
In a room I've built myself
Four straight walls
One floor
One ceiling
And day after day, I wake up feeling
Day after day, I wake up feeling, feeling

Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Suspended and open

Open up
Your eyes
And then...

September 26, 2013


She thinks she's all alone 
And all her hopes are gone 
And so I wrote this song 
So she can move alone. 
But things work bad 
She was in despair 
Her things work bad
And you were not everything 

But things work bad 
She came up for air 
She said a little prayer, she found herself 

Yeah, she's got light in her face
She don't need no rescue and she's okay.
Yeah, she's got a laugh in her face
She don't need no rescue and she's okay.
No SOS me then rescue when she's finally there
No SOS me then rescue when she's finally there, yeah
She's got a laugh in her face, 
She don't need no rescue and she's okay 

She look into the sky 
And all her tars are dry 
She kiss her fears goodbye
She's gonna be alright. 

But things work bad 
It was .. in repair
She was scared, she couldn't handle it. 
The things were bad, but now she's glad
Can't you tell, she's walking on air?

Yeah, she's got light in her face
She don't need no rescue and she's okay.
Yeah, she's got a laugh in her face
She don't need no rescue and she's okay.
No SOS me then rescue when she's finally there
No SOS me then rescue when she's finally there, yeah
She's got a laugh in her face, 
She don't need no rescue and she's okay 

That girl is you yeah and that girl is me 
That girl is strong girl and don't let you see
That girl is you yeah and that girl is me 
That girl is strong girl and don't let you see


September 15, 2013

The King of the Polar Bears

 Polar bear

The King of the Polar Bears lived among the icebergs in the far north country. He was old and monstrous big; he was wise and friendly to all who knew him. His body was thickly covered with long, white hair that glistened like silver under the rays of the midnight sun. His claws were strong and sharp, that he might walk safely over the smooth ice or grasp and tear the fishes and seals upon which he fed.

The seals were afraid when he drew near, and tried to avoid him; but the gulls, both white and gray, loved him because he left the remnants of his feasts for them to devour.

Often his subjects, the polar bears, came to him for advice when ill or in trouble; but they wisely kept away from his hunting grounds, lest they might interfere with his sport and arouse his anger.

The wolves, who sometimes came as far north as the icebergs, whispered among themselves that the King of the Polar Bears was either a magician or under the protection of a powerful fairy. For no earthly thing seemed able to harm him; he never failed to secure plenty of food, and he grew bigger and stronger day by day and year by year.

Yet the time came when this monarch of the north met man, and his wisdom failed him.

He came out of his cave among the icebergs one day and saw a boat moving through the strip of water which had been uncovered by the shifting of the summer ice. In the boat were men.

The great bear had never seen such creatures before, and therefore advanced toward the boat, sniffing the strange scent with aroused curiosity and wondering whether he might take them for friends or foes, food or carrion.

When the king came near the water's edge a man stood up in the boat and with a queer instrument made a loud "bang!" The polar bear felt a shock; his brain became numb; his thoughts deserted him; his great limbs shook and gave way beneath him and his body fell heavily upon the hard ice.

That was all he remembered for a time.

When he awoke he was smarting with pain on every inch of his huge bulk, for the men had cut away his hide with its glorious white hair and carried it with them to a distant ship.

Above him circled thousands of his friends the gulls, wondering if their benefactor were really dead and it was proper to eat him. But when they saw him raise his head and groan and tremble they knew he still lived, and one of them said to his comrades:
"The wolves were right. The king is a great magician, for even men cannot kill him. But he suffers for lack of covering. Let us repay his kindness to us by each giving him as many feathers as we can spare."

This idea pleased the gulls. One after another they plucked with their beaks the softest feathers from under their wings, and, flying down, dropped then gently upon the body of the King of the Polar Bears.

Then they called to him in a chorus:
"Courage, friend! Our feathers are as soft and beautiful as your own shaggy hair. They will guard you from the cold winds and warm you while you sleep. Have courage, then, and live!"

And the King of the Polar Bears had courage to bear his pain and lived and was strong again.

The feathers grew as they had grown upon the bodies of the birds and covered him as his own hair had done. Mostly they were pure white in color, but some from the gray gulls gave his majesty a slight mottled appearance.

The rest of that summer and all through the six months of night the king left his icy cavern only to fish or catch seals for food. He felt no shame at his feathery covering, but it was still strange to him, and he avoided meeting any of his brother bears.

During this period of retirement he thought much of the men who had harmed him, and remembered the way they had made the great "bang!" And he decided it was best to keep away from such fierce creatures. Thus he added to his store of wisdom.
When the moon fell away from the sky and the sun came to make the icebergs glitter with the gorgeous tintings of the rainbow, two of the polar bears arrived at the king's cavern to ask his advice about the hunting season. But when they saw his great body covered with feathers instead of hair they began to laugh, and one said:
"Our mighty king has become a bird! Who ever before heard of a feathered polar bear?"

Then the king gave way to wrath. He advanced upon them with deep growls and stately tread and with one blow of his monstrous paw stretched the mocker lifeless at his feet.

The other ran away to his fellows and carried the news of the king's strange appearance. The result was a meeting of all the polar bears upon a broad field of ice, where they talked gravely of the remarkable change that had come upon their monarch.

"He is, in reality, no longer a bear," said one; "nor can he justly be called a bird. But he is half bird and half bear, and so unfitted to remain our king."
"Then who shall take his place?" asked another.

"He who can fight the bird-bear and overcome him," answered an aged member of the group. "Only the strongest is fit to rule our race."

There was silence for a time, but at length a great bear moved to the front and said:
"I will fight him; I--Woof--the strongest of our race! And I will be King of the Polar Bears."

The others nodded assent, and dispatched a messenger to the king to say he must fight the great Woof and master him or resign his sovereignty.

"For a bear with feathers," added the messenger, "is no bear at all, and the king we obey must resemble the rest of us."

"I wear feathers because it pleases me," growled the king. "Am I not a great magician? But I will fight, nevertheless, and if Woof masters me he shall be king in my stead."

Then he visited his friends, the gulls, who were even then feasting upon the dead bear, and told them of the coming battle.

"I shall conquer," he said, proudly. "Yet my people are in the right, for only a hairy one like themselves can hope to command their obedience."

The queen gull said:
"I met an eagle yesterday, which had made its escape from a big city of men. And the eagle told me he had seen a monstrous polar bear skin thrown over the back of a carriage that rolled along the street. That skin must have been yours, oh king, and if you wish I will sent an hundred of my gulls to the city to bring it back to you."

"Let them go!" said the king, gruffly. And the hundred gulls were soon flying rapidly southward.

For three days they flew straight as an arrow, until they came to scattered houses, to villages, and to cities. Then their search began.

The gulls were brave, and cunning, and wise. Upon the fourth day they reached the great metropolis, and hovered over the streets until a carriage rolled along with a great white bear robe thrown over the back seat. Then the birds swooped down--the whole hundred of them--and seizing the skin in their beaks flew quickly away.

They were late. The king's great battle was upon the seventh day, and they must fly swiftly to reach the Polar regions by that time.

Meanwhile the bird-bear was preparing for his fight. He sharpened his claws in the small crevasses of the ice. He caught a seal and tested his big yellow teeth by crunching its bones between them. And the queen gull set her band to pluming the king bear's feathers until they lay smoothly upon his body.

But every day they cast anxious glances into the southern sky, watching for the hundred gulls to bring back the king's own skin.

The seventh day came, and all the Polar bears in that region gathered around the king's cavern. Among them was Woof, strong and confident of his success.

"The bird-bear's feathers will fly fast enough when I get my claws upon him!" he boasted; and the others laughed and encouraged him.

The king was disappointed at not having recovered his skin, but he resolved to fight bravely without it. He advanced from the opening of his cavern with a proud and kingly bearing, and when he faced his enemy he gave so terrible a growl that Woof's heart stopped beating for a moment, and he began to realize that a fight with the wise and mighty king of his race was no laughing matter.

After exchanging one or two heavy blows with his foe Woof's courage returned, and he determined to dishearten his adversary by bluster.

"Come nearer, bird-bear!" he cried. "Come nearer, that I may pluck your plumage!"
The defiance filled the king with rage. He ruffled his feathers as a bird does, till he appeared to be twice his actual size, and then he strode forward and struck Woof so powerful a blow that his skull crackled like an egg-shell and he fell prone upon the ground.

While the assembled bears stood looking with fear and wonder at their fallen champion the sky became darkened.

An hundred gulls flew down from above and dripped upon the king's body a skin covered with pure white hair that glittered in the sun like silver.

And behold! the bears saw before them the well-known form of their wise and respected master, and with one accord they bowed their shaggy heads in homage to the mighty King of the Polar Bears.
This story teaches us that true dignity and courage depend not upon outward appearance, but come rather from within; also that brag and bluster are poor weapons to carry into battle.

September 14, 2013

The Box of Robbers

No one intended to leave Martha alone that afternoon, but it happened that everyone was called away, for one reason or another. Mrs. McFarland was attending the weekly card party held by the Women's Anti-Gambling League. Sister Nell's young man had called quite unexpectedly to take her for a long drive. Papa was at the office, as usual. It was Mary Ann's day out. As for Emeline, she certainly should have stayed in the house and looked after the little girl; but Emeline had a restless nature.

“Would you mind, miss, if I just crossed the alley to speak a word to Mrs. Carleton's girl?" she asked Martha.

"Course not," replied the child. "You'd better lock the back door, though, and take the key, for I shall be upstairs."

"Oh, I'll do that, of course, miss," said the delighted maid, and ran away to spend the afternoon with her friend, leaving Martha quite alone in the big house, and locked in, into the bargain.

The little girl read a few pages in her new book, sewed a few stitches in her embroidery and started to "play visiting" with her four favorite dolls. Then she remembered that in the attic was a doll's playhouse that hadn't been used for months, so she decided she would dust it and put it in order.

Filled with this idea, the girl climbed the winding stairs to the big room under the roof. It was well lighted by three dormer windows and was warm and pleasant. Around the walls were rows of boxes and trunks, piles of old carpeting, pieces of damaged furniture, bundles of discarded clothing and other odds and ends of more or less value. Every well-regulated house has an attic of this sort, so I need not describe it.

The doll's house had been moved, but after a search Martha found it away over in a corner near the big chimney.

She drew it out and noticed that behind it was a black wooden chest which Uncle Walter had sent over from Italy years and years ago—before Martha was born, in fact. Mamma had told her about it one day; how there was no key to it, because Uncle Walter wished it to remain unopened until he returned home; and how this wandering uncle, who was a mighty hunter, had gone into Africa to hunt elephants and had never been heard from afterwards.

The little girl looked at the chest curiously, now that it had by accident attracted her attention.

It was quite big—bigger even than mamma's traveling trunk—and was studded all over with tarnished brassheaded nails. It was heavy, too, for when Martha tried to lift one end of it she found she could not stir it a bit. But there was a place in the side of the cover for a key. She stooped to examine the lock, and saw that it would take a rather big key to open it.

Then, as you may suspect, the little girl longed to open Uncle Walter's big box and see what was in it. For we are all curious, and little girls are just as curious as the rest of us.

"I don't b'lieve Uncle Walter'll ever come back," she thought. "Papa said once that some elephant must have killed him. If I only had a key—" She stopped and clapped her little hands together gayly as she remembered a big basket of keys on the shelf in the linen closet. They were of all sorts and sizes; perhaps one of them would unlock the mysterious chest!

She flew down the stairs, found the basket and returned with it to the attic. Then she sat down before the brass-studded box and began trying one key after another in the curious old lock. Some were too large, but most were too small. One would go into the lock but would not turn; another stuck so fast that she feared for a time that she would never get it out again. But at last, when the basket was almost empty, an oddly-shaped, ancient brass key slipped easily into the lock. With a cry of joy Martha turned the key with both hands; then she heard a sharp "click," and the next moment the heavy lid flew up of its own accord!

The little girl leaned over the edge of the chest an instant, and the sight that met her eyes caused her to start back in amazement.

Slowly and carefully a man unpacked himself from the chest, stepped out upon the floor, stretched his limbs and then took off his hat and bowed politely to the astonished child.

He was tall and thin and his face seemed badly tanned or sunburnt.

Then another man emerged from the chest, yawning and rubbing his eyes like a sleepy schoolboy. He was of middle size and his skin seemed as badly tanned as that of the first.

While Martha stared open-mouthed at the remarkable sight a third man crawled from the chest. He had the same complexion as his fellows, but was short and fat.

All three were dressed in a curious manner. They wore short jackets of red velvet braided with gold, and knee breeches of sky-blue satin with silver buttons. Over their stockings were laced wide ribbons of red and yellow and blue, while their hats had broad brims with high, peaked crowns, from which fluttered yards of bright-colored ribbons.

They had big gold rings in their ears and rows of knives and pistols in their belts. Their eyes were black and glittering and they wore long, fierce mustaches, curling at the ends like a pig's tail.

"My! but you were heavy," exclaimed the fat one, when he had pulled down his velvet jacket and brushed the dust from his sky-blue breeches. "And you squeezed me all out of shape."

"It was unavoidable, Luigi," responded the thin man, lightly; "the lid of the chest pressed me down upon you. Yet I tender you my regrets."

"As for me," said the middle-sized man, carelessly rolling a cigarette and lighting it, "you must acknowledge I have been your nearest friend for years; so do not be disagreeable. You mustn't smoke in the attic," said Martha, recovering herself at sight of the cigarette. "You might set the house on fire."

The middle-sized man, who had not noticed her before, at this speech turned to the girl and bowed.

"Since a lady requests it," said he, "I shall abandon my cigarette," and he threw it on the floor and extinguished it with his foot.

"Who are you?" asked Martha, who until now had been too astonished to be frightened.

"Permit us to introduce ourselves," said the thin man, flourishing his hat gracefully. "This is Lugui," the fat man nodded; "and this is Beni," the middle-sized man bowed; "and I am Victor. We are three bandits—Italian bandits."

"Bandits!" cried Martha, with a look of horror.

"Exactly. Perhaps in all the world there are not three other bandits so terrible and fierce as ourselves," said Victor, proudly.

"'Tis so," said the fat man, nodding gravely.

"But it's wicked!" exclaimed Martha.

"Yes, indeed," replied Victor.

“We are extremely and tremendously wicked. Perhaps in all the world you could not find three men more wicked than those who now stand before you."

"'Tis so," said the fat man, approvingly.

"But you shouldn't be so wicked," said the girl; "it's—it's—naughty!"

Victor cast down his eyes and blushed.

"Naughty!" gasped Beni, with a horrified look.

"Tis a hard word," said Luigi, sadly, and buried his face in his hands.

“I little thought," murmured Victor, in a voice broken by emotion, "ever to be so reviled—and by a lady! Yet, perhaps you spoke thoughtlessly. You must consider, miss, that our wickedness has an excuse. For how are we to be bandits, let me ask, unless we are wicked?"

Martha was puzzled and shook her head, thoughtfully. Then she remembered something.

"You can't remain bandits any longer," said she, "because you are now in America."

"America!" cried the three, together. 

“Certainly. You are on Prairie avenue, in Chicago. Uncle Walter sent you here from Italy in this chest."

The bandits seemed greatly bewildered by this announcement. Lugui sat down on an old chair with a broken rocker and wiped his forehead with a yellow silk handkerchief. Beni and Victor fell back upon the chest and looked at her with pale faces and staring eyes.

When he had somewhat recovered himself Victor spoke.

"Your Uncle Walter has greatly wronged us," he said, reproachfully. "He has taken  us from our beloved Italy, where bandits are highly respected, and brought us to a strange country where we shall not know whom to rob or how much to ask for a ransom."

"'Tis so!" said the fat man, slapping his leg sharply.

"And we had won such fine reputations in Italy!" said Beni, regretfully.

"Perhaps Uncle Walter wanted to reform you," suggested Martha.

"Are there, then, no bandits in Chicago?" asked Victor.

"Well," replied the girl, blushing in her turn, "we do not call them bandits."

"Then what shall we do for a living?" inquired Beni, despairingly.

"A great deal can be done in a big American city," said the child. "My father is a lawyer" (the bandits shuddered), "and my mother's cousin is a police inspector."

"Ah," said Victor, "that is a good employment. The police need to be inspected, especially in Italy."

"Everywhere!" added Beni.

"Then you could do other things," continued Martha, encouragingly. "You could be motor men on trolley cars, or clerks in a department store. Some people even become aldermen to earn a living."

The bandits shook their heads sadly.

"We are not fitted for such work," said Victor. "Our business is to rob."

Martha tried to think.

"It is rather hard to get positions in the gas office," she said, "but you might become politicians."

"No!" cried Beni, with sudden fierceness; "we must not abandon our high calling. Bandits we have always been, and bandits we must remain!"

"Tis so!" agreed the fat man.

"Even in Chicago there must be people to rob," remarked Victor, with cheerfulness.

Martha was distressed.

"I think they have all been robbed," she objected.

"Then we can rob the robbers, for we have experience and talent beyond the ordinary," said Beni.

"Oh, dear; oh, dear!" moaned the girl; "why did Uncle Walter ever send you here in this chest?"

The bandits became interested.

"That is what we should like to know," declared Victor, eagerly.

"But no one will ever know, for Uncle Walter was lost while hunting elephants in Africa," she continued, with conviction.

"Then we must accept our fate and rob to the best of our ability," said Victor. "So long as we are faithful to our beloved profession we need not be ashamed."

"'Tis so!" cried the fat man. 

“Brothers! we will begin now. Let us rob the house we are in."

"Good!" shouted the others and sprang to their feet.

Beni turned threateningly upon the child.

"Remain here!" he commanded. "If you stir one step your blood will be on your own head!" Then he added, in a gentler voice: "Don't be afraid; that's the way all bandits talk to their captives. But of course we wouldn't hurt a young lady under any circumstances."

"Of course not," said Victor.

The fat man drew a big knife from his belt and flourished it about his head.

"S'blood!" he ejaculated, fiercely.

"S'bananas!" cried Beni, in a terrible voice.

"Confusion to our foes!" hissed Victor.

And then the three bent themselves nearly double and crept stealthily down the stairway with cocked pistols in their hands and glittering knives between their teeth, leaving Martha trembling with fear and too horrified to even cry for help.

How long she remained alone  in the attic she never knew, but finally she heard the catlike tread of the returning bandits and saw them coming up the stairs in single file.

All bore heavy loads of plunder in their arms, and Luigi was balancing a mince pie on the top of a pile of her mother's best evening dresses. Victor came next with an armful of bric-a-brac, a brass candelabra and the parlor clock. Beni had the family Bible, the basket of silverware from the sideboard, a copper kettle and papa's fur overcoat.

"Oh, joy!" said Victor, putting down his load; "it is pleasant to rob once more." 

“Oh, ecstacy!" said Beni; but he let the kettle drop on his toe and immediately began dancing around in anguish, while he muttered queer words in the Italian language.

"We have much wealth," continued Victor, holding the mince pie while Lugui added his spoils to the heap; "and all from one house! This America must be a rich place."

With a dagger he then cut himself a piece of the pie and handed the remainder to his comrades. Whereupon all three sat upon the floor and consumed the pie while Martha looked on sadly.

“We should have a cave," remarked Beni; "for we must store our plunder in a safe place. Can you tell us of a secret cave?" he asked Martha.

"There's a Mammoth cave," she answered, "but it's in Kentucky. You would be obliged to ride on the cars a long time to get there."

The three bandits looked thoughtful and munched their pie silently, but the next moment they were startled by the ringing of the electric doorbell, which was heard plainly even in the remote attic.

"What's that?" demanded Victor, in a hoarse voice, as the three scrambled to their feet with drawn daggers.

Martha ran to the window and saw it was only the postman, who had dropped a letter in the box and gone away again. But the incident gave her an idea of how to get rid of her troublesome bandits, so she began wringing her hands as if in great distress and cried out:

"It's the police!"

The robbers looked at one another with genuine alarm, and Lugui asked, tremblingly:

"Are there many of them?” 

“A hundred and twelve!" exclaimed Martha, after pretending to count them.

"Then we are lost!" declared Beni; "for we could never fight so many and live."

"Are they armed?" inquired Victor, who was shivering as if cold.

"Oh, yes," said she. "They have guns and swords and pistols and axes and—and—"

"And what?" demanded Lugui.

"And cannons!"

The three wicked ones groaned aloud and Beni said, in a hollow voice:

"I hope they will kill us quickly and not put us to the torture. I have been told these Americans are painted Indians, who are bloodthirsty and terrible."

"'Tis so!" gasped the fat man, with a shudder.

Suddenly Martha turned from the window.

"You are my friends, are you not?" she asked.

"We are devoted!" answered Victor.

"We adore you!" cried Beni. 

“We would die for you!" added Lugui, thinking he was about to die anyway.

"Then I will save you," said the girl.

"How?" asked the three, with one voice.

"Get back into the chest," she said. "I will then close the lid, so they will be unable to find you."

They looked around the room in a dazed and irresolute way, but she exclaimed:

"You must be quick! They will soon be here to arrest you."

Then Lugui sprang into the chest and lay fat upon the bottom. Beni tumbled in next and packed himself in the back side. Victor followed after pausing to kiss her hand to the girl in a graceful manner.

Then Martha ran up to press down the lid, but could not make it catch.

"You must squeeze down," she said to them.

Lugui groaned.

"I am doing my best, miss," said Victor, who was nearest the top; "but although we fitted in very nicely before, the chest now seems rather small for us.” 

"Tis so!" came the muffled voice of the fat man from the bottom.

"I know what takes up the room," said Beni.

"What?" inquired Victor, anxiously.

"The pie," returned Beni.

"'Tis so!" came from the bottom, in faint accents.

Then Martha sat upon the lid and pressed it down with all her weight. To her great delight the lock caught, and, springing down, she exerted all her strength and turned the key. 

This story should teach us not to interfere in matters that do not concern us. For had Martha refrained from opening Uncle Walter's mysterious chest she would not have been obliged to carry downstairs all the plunder the robbers had brought into the attic.