January 11, 2014


I love his face. And his shoes.And his legs. And his facial expression. I just love Harry Styles.

I think I'm in the mood of getting fit, slimming my body all the way and getting healthier. There's too many fats accumulated on the surface of my body skin from the inside, and I think that was hideous. I mean, getting fit, and have no intend in growing up muscles.

For those who really hates me doing this thing, keep calm and enjoy your 354 calories burger, 249 calories cheesecake and 480 calories french fries, because I'm tired with those things that keep building layers of fats!

Then, you'll feel how I feel when being cursed and turned into a game as a result of my physical appearance. Sometimes, you have to learn to keep your mouth shut from cursing others, even the one that you've cursed was your best friend, or someone who is important and you cannot live without him/her because you need something from. 

For me, being ugly in physical appearance is better than having a bad mouth. Please, I hope you'll read what I've wrote here and start to realize how stupid you are, human. 

I'm sorry.