October 30, 2014


Silence, is there nothing more to say?
It’s been long since the white flowers of laughter have withered
The flower petals fell more and more and became dirt
The burning passion became ash
Why does everything good always become like this?
Don’t know why
Tell me why
Why does love end?
Why are things that will disappear
So beautiful?
It’s just a daydream, love is like a daydream
Darkness, why are you erasing everything black?
I can’t see anything, making me dream about the eternal future by myself, however I want
The sun has set more and more and grew black
The waves will crash some day
Why does everything good always become like this?
Even if the sun will rise again after the night is over
I already long for this moment that I can’t hold onto
I don’t know
Wanna know
Will this dream end like this?
Why can’t I get both the person and the love?
In the end, it’s all momentary, love is momentary
It’s just a passing dream, I don’t want to wake up yet
A short daydream, a daydream