November 23, 2016

4Minute Act. 7 UNBOXING!

As I went home back from UKM to attend my graduation ceremony, a day later I got a call from Abang Posmen that my parcel is ready to be deliver from the post hub. And my excitement is high! There is the one and only parcel I know and I did ordered for it all by myself just for self-reward for finishing the study and for graduation. 

It is 4MINUTE ACT. 7 album!!!

Okay you may want to yell at me and said its just a waste of money or what but hell no its not. Its pretty late to buy it now since 4Minute have already disbanded. I really love 4Minute and I thought that if I don't buy the album now, this shitty CUBE ENTERTAINMENT might stop producing the album later. Apart from that, I don't find that buying this album was such a waste of money as I noticed that all the songs in this album are freaking lit, bop. You know when the first title track Hate is playing, you just want to bang your head hard like never before. Their beats are the best. Well, its from Skrillex anyway. Yeah.

Okay so it came just like this. Freaking huge, right? It was damn huge just for 5 tracks but anyway I don't mind at all. As you can see on the front part, this gigantic, classy, dazzling red logo of 4M could deceived you. Its freaking pretty tho. 

This album consists of 5 track lists:
01. 싫어 (Hate) *Title
02. No Love
03. Blind
04. Canvas
05. 싫어 (Hate) (Inst.)

Okay I've opened it up. There's photobook too but it came with bunch of separate pages, not a book. CUBE. Jeez. There's too many pages and I won't upload them here because I was so freaking lazy. But anyway here I show you the photocard. I was expecting to get a photocard of Nam Jihyun or Heo Gayoon as both of them are my bias, and Nam Jihyun is my ultimate bias, but anyway I don't mind at all as I'm truly OT5 4NIA you bitch. Don't you dare judging me. 

And I got KWON SOHYUN photocard!!!

This maknae is cute! Recently I've heard she got herself signed with a new label to proceed with her new career - acting. Let's hope for the best! We 4NIA always be with you! 

Okay that's all about it. Guys. Please have a look at the physical album of 4Minute Act. 7 (their 7th mini album aka last album before they disbanded), and if you won't mind, please spend some of your money to buy it. Its not that expensive. LET'S MAKE CUBE ENTERTAINMENT choked and felt wrong of disbanding them. They are freaking talented and how could CUBE misjudged them? You were worng, CUBE! These bitches are going to slay better without you! 

#Tribute4Minute Thank you 4Minute! Thank you Nam Jihyun (you're my ultimate bias. I love you!). Thank you Heo Gayoon! Thank you Jeon Jiyoon! Thank you Kim HyunA! Thank you Kwon Sohyun! I love all of you!