November 23, 2016

Graduation Gifts!

Oh they are cute and pretty, wasn't they? LOL. Anyway, I really appreciates all the gifts and I'm so freaking happy! 

Those smiley with 4 bars of Cadburry chocolate were given by my Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia's juniors. They wrap the gift box just sooooooooo freaking nice and made me rethink to open or not for almost 3 days! Goodness! 

Then this elegant, gorgeous black neck-tie! Thank you, you! I really loved it! Heh you know my fav colour really well LOL. This tie is so damn gorgeous I don't think I can wear it. Oh yes let's keep it nice and tidy in my show-off rack. When people come, they will ask "OMG who gave you this freaking pretty tie?" And I won't answer them and made them repeat the question like crazy bwahahahahaha. 

This cute teddy bear holding a roll of degree certificate and wearing a mortar board was from my pretty sister. It came with a bunch of roses but she later took it and I don't like flower anyway hahaha. Anyway,I was really grateful and thankful as my sister really did spent everything, I mean everything! The train tickets. The studio albums. The flowers. The foods. The everything. She's the best! 

And those with labelled 4M was my self-reward. I did pre-ordered myself an album of 4Minute - Act. 7 from Valoa Records and it arrived to my home address one day after the convocation. I really love 4Minute and their music and their disbandment made me cried deep down in my heart. They debuted on my birthdate back then in 2009 and they disbanded almost on my birthdate in 2016. Screw you, CUBE ENTERTAINMENT! 

But anyway, well, this convocation pretty amazing and turned out even lit with those pretty gifts. Thank you everyone! Love you guys.